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Patience and Love: What to Do If Your Cat Is Peeing on the Rug

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You step on your soft rug, enjoying its rich texture, when suddenly – is that a wet spot? And it smells like cat pee? Not again! Yes, your cat is peeing on the rug again and you don’t know why. Many pet owners have this issue. And we have the explanations you want, plus the solutions you so badly need.

First of al, as observed by the Oregon Humane Society, your cat is peeing on the rug for a large variety of reasons, but not revenge. This type of petty behavior is specific to humans only. Yes, cats can be attention seeking and whimsy eaters. But they would never “get back” at you by starting to intentionally pee outside the litter box.

Be Calm and Investigate the Issue

The first thing you need to do is find out why the cat is peeing on the rug. It may be a health issue. It may be a change in the litter or the litter box itself. Or it can be simply a preference to a specific spot or surface.

We will look at these issues in detail below. But first…

Cleaning Solutions to Use If Your Cat Is Peeing on the Rug

The average carpet cleaner may not be enough to completely take out a cat pee stain. You may not be able to see it, but the cat will continue to smell it (they have very sensitive noses).

The best solution is a special enzymatic cleaner that completely removes all molecules of pee from the rug. If you don’t feel like investing in this product, a simple mix of water and white or apple cider vinegar. After cleaning the spot, let it dry, then sprinkle a little baking soda, leave it for one hour and vacuum the area.

This simple three-step solution using products anyone has at home is effective (tested and proven by many cat parents). However, it will not stop your cat from peeing on the rug using another spot.

Which brings us back to…

Reasons Why Your Cat Is Peeing on the Rug

Well then, why did this problem suddenly occur? Why is your cat peeing on the rug? It may be one of the following:

1. Health Issues

Have you noticed that your cat is scooting down for a long time, as if straining to pee? Do you hear it meowing while it pees? These are signs of urinary tract illnesses.

You should take your furbaby to the vet as soon as possible. The fact that the cat is peeing on the rug probably means that it is the most accessible and painless way for it to do so.

2. Too Much Litter

Are you generously pouring litter in the litter box? This may be the reason why the cat is peeing on the rug. Most cats prefer a shallow layer of litter – around 1-2 inches, not more.

You should try various layer thicknesses until you find out which one your cat prefers. As we said in so many articles, cats are very finicky and have different personalities. In most of the cases, owners find out what their furry friend likes by trial and error.

3. Cleanliness Issues

Have you been busy recently and forgotten to clean the litter box as frequently as you used to? And this is just about the moment when your cat started peeing on the rug?

Well, then, you have your answer. Cats like clean litter boxes. They are extremely particular about hygiene, especially with respect to elimination. The reason for this is that, in nature, animals can sniff their prey (or predators) by their poop or pee. Thus, felines learned to cover up all their traces.

4. Location Preference

It is possible that the reason why the cat is peeing on the rug is because it likes that spot for some reason. This does not mean that you have to put up with this. However, you can fix the issue.

Start by putting the litter box exactly on the spot where you caught your cat peeing several times (we know, it is inconvenient, but please bear with us). Each day, move the litter box a few inches away, until finally it is back in its original place. Problem solved with zero drama!

5. Surface Preference

Finally, as the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals notes, your cat may prefer the texture of the rug. The solution they propose? Make the rug less attractive for the cat. More precisely, turn it upside down. The rough underneath surface will definitely be unappealing when a cat is about to do its business, determining it to seek the comfort of the litter box.

Once the issue of the cat peeing on the rug is solved, you can restore the rug to its original position.

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