siamese cat behavior problems

Know Before You Adopt: Siamese Cat Behavior Problems

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With their striking blue eyes and two-toned fur, Siamese cats are among the most beautiful breeds. They look good from any angle and don’t need any Instagram filters. But, before you hurry up to adopt one, you need to understand the complexities of Siamese cat behavior problems.

These cats are high maintenance nobility – and we don’t mean the food and visits to the vet. Siamese cat behavior problems stem from their number one characteristic: they crave attention. Alright, anyone looking that great would naturally feel that they have to be the center of anyone’s attention.

What to Expect after You Adopt a Siamese Cat

If you don’t mind being the center of your cat’s world and promptly satisfying its every whim, then you probably won’t have to deal with most of the Siamese cat behavior problems. In reality, you are busy at work and you also have a personal life apart from the cat.

This is when things start getting messy. Siamese cats do not react well to any kind of time away from them. And they don’t like it even when you are near them, but not focusing all your attention on them.

How Bad Can It Get? Let Us Delve into Common Siamese Cat Behavior Problems

So, what will your majestic Siamese cat do when you are otherwise engaged? Here’s what we know from vets and from other Siamese owners:

1. Siamese Cats Are Very Vocal

You are accustomed to your cat meowing to you. You probably had some deep and soulful conversations with various cats. But nothing prepares you for a Siamese cat. This breed is loud and dramatic.

Think of continuous distraught meows of a cat getting hurt by someone. This is the average communication range of a Siamese cat. Many first time Siamese owners rushed to the vet for no reason at all than these loud howls. In time, you will get to understand when your fury princess is merely talking back to you or genuinely distressed.

2. The Fang of Jealousy

As Vetinfo notes, one of the specific Siamese cat behavior problems is their temperament. They are not just attention seeking, but also jealous. They don’t like it a bit when they do not receive the attention they want and they may forcefully demand it.

This may be a problem for families with small children. Although Siamese cats are very affectionate with kids, their overbearing love may become dangerous for a baby or toddler.

3. A Domineering Attitude

This is something you need to consider seriously if you already have a cat (especially from a different breed): Siamese cats like to be the dominant pet in the family. They are very intelligent, and they can easily identify the weak spot in the other hand.

What we are trying to tell you here in terms of Siamese cat behavior problems, is that they are natural born bullies. The best solution to this issue, if your heart is really set on getting a Siamese cat is to adopt it as a kitten, at the same time with another kitten, or to bring it into a household with an already adult cat.

4. The Scratchy Issue

Siamese cats love to scratch things more than any breed of cat. This is something you can’t get away from. If you want to share your home with this beautiful but demanding breed of cat, prepare to invest in a long series of scratching posts.

And, despite the said scratching posts, do not get overly attached to your furniture and rugs. Sooner or later, your cat will get its claws in them.

5. Separation Anxiety Syndrome

We left this for last because it is a serious issue. Given their attention seeking nature, Siamese cats tend to become extremely attached to their owners, almost co-dependent. This may not be one of the Siamese cat behavior issues you will have to deal with if you are taking your cat with you everywhere.

However, when you go on vacations, and you cannot bring your cat with you, it is possible to come home to a cat that refuses to use the litter box and shreds everything to pieces, according to Prestige Animal Hospital.

But we want to end this article on a positive note, and we will. Despite all these Siamese cat behavior problems, a loving cat parent will surely know how to educate their furry friend, give it feline company and lots of creative toys to keep it busy and entertained all day long.

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