DIY lap for cat

Cat Parents Create DIY Lap to Keep Pets Happy

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Work from home has created new challenges for people with pets. For the pets, it meant more times with their favorite humans. But the extra attention, though wonderful and welcome, may hinder people trying to focus on work tasks. A couple in London, UK found an ingenious solution to this problem: they created a DIY lap out of a pair of old sweatpants and various rags.

Introducing Ziggy, the Clingy Cat

Cat parents Rebecca May and her husband adopted Ziggy and Harley, two female cats, 10 years ago. While Harley is happy minding its business and keeping itself entertained, Ziggy must have human attention all the time.

“When she bonds with someone it’s just really intense. She absolutely has to be sat on you”, explained Rebecca May to The Dodo magazine. Whether perched on its owners’ back, in their lap on hanging on their arm, Ziggy is the definition of the clingy cat.

Lovely, isn’t it? But it can be a real problem when Rebecca and her husband are trying to work on their laptop. Pushing Ziggy aside would hurt its feelings. So, the couple decided to get creative.

A DIY Lap for Ziggy

They found an old pair of sweatpants and stuffed them with rags, to resemble an actual lap. For added realistic effect, they also added a pair of sneakers.

Source: Reddit

It does look like a real human lap on first glance, doesn’t it? At any rate, it is good enough for Ziggy. The DIY lap has become its favorite spot when Rebecca and her husband are busy working.

They are more than happy to cuddle their cats on their spare time. Even they admit that the fake lap is “a bit too scary to keep all the time”, but it is useful on very busy days.

Interestingly enough, Ziggy’s sister, Harley, showed no interest to the DIY lap.

Why Are Some Cats Clingy?

Cats have very different personalities, even if they come from the same litter. When you adopt sibling cats, you may notice rivalry for your affection, or simply a clingy cat like Ziggy and a more independent one like Harley.

Also, working from home has disrupted the daily schedule for the pets, not only for their owners. Cats are creatures of habit. They like to get their meals at fixed times. They know when you are leaving for work and when you are supposed to come back.

The constant presence of owners around the home is an unexpected treat for cats. This means that they must take advantage of the time they have with you and enjoy your cuddles and attention all the time.

If you experience the same issue as Rebecca May and her husband, feel free to try their DIY lap idea and show us how your cats reacted to it. Good luck!

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